Please note that Le Trèfle is just opened again.

Our menu included traditional French crepes and galettes (savoury crepes made with buckwheat flour, which we mill in-house), as well as a range of breakfast and lunch options. Drinks included delicious Allpress coffee, Ovvio organic teas, Amazon Poweraçaí berry smoothies and more.

Local, seasonal & healthy food

At Le Trèfle, we made our food in-house, from scratch, using only fresh and wholesome ingredients that are as free of chemicals as possible to keep our food healthy.

We looked forward to every season and their incredibly tasty and ripe fruits and veggies. We saw it as an opportunity to offer variety all year long, creating and experimenting with new exciting dishes season after season.

We always had something vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, egg-free or diary-free in our menu. Since we made our food from scratch, we knew exactly what went in it. Furthermore, we cooked it fresh to order and hence could tweak or modify most dishes to suit any special dietary needs.

Açaí bowl: açaí berries, market fruits, local honey, edible flowers, yoghurt and raw müesli

Avo Chilli Eggs: two poached free-range eggs, coriander, lime, housemade chilli coulis and pickled red onions on toasted organic sourdough